Alex in Wonderland 5


Plummeting down a hole to a previously and always boring wonderland..

..the White Rabbit arrived to find it somewhat exciting. Clangs and @#$%&s filled the air.

The Red Queen was off her rocker. She was either making an axe or a new set of iron pointed press-on nails.. both were equally useful to her.
"Off-With-Her-HEAD-Off-With-Her-HEAD!" rang out with every hammer slam.

Some sort of jury was assembling at the courthouse and a VIP (Very Impertinent Prisoner) was in residence behind the jail's looking glass.

"Dormouse!" White Rabbit called, "Can you see her?"
"Yes" he called back, "and she looks quite mad!"

After being finger-printed and shod in the Red Queen's own designer line of red prison sandals..

..yes Alex was quite mad! She fumed to herself thinking almost out loud, whatever was going to happen had better happen or she was going to make something happen that was certain!

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