A Little Star for You

Thanks Rick for sending me the cute last picture!


The Blade Runner Defense

A TLLM.. Things Look Like Movies

Rick sent this to me (Thanks!).. They got me, seriously cannot begin to say how much I love the film Blade Runner. A perfect home for me could be the JF Sebastian home in it's dusty gothic glory and toys and talking robots. Everywhere I have lived in NYC I have been able to see the Empire State Building and the way it sometimes sits in the eerie lit clouds at night.. love it so much.

Empire State Bld - New York, USA
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This man's Blade Runner Defense (which I thought for a sec would be about the sprinter..)

of his massive ads really does tweak it in your brain this plan of his is probably going to work. I will love a divey bar or small hole in the wall restaurant because it reminds me of something out of Blade Runner. NYC is filled with moments like this I am always having a Blade Runner (or Brazil for that matter) flashback. I love it.. yikes, the adman is getting me.. would be cute to see some big WWF Panda and Polar Bear faces roll through there though...

Right before she takes the pill...or is it the smile after?

The real life thing made art by the above..
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Born to Run

Movement is Art

Movement is Power
Movement is Freedom

There is a lot wrong in this world but when there is something right it gives hope. These Cheetah prosthetics, amaze me... the debate over this young African sprinter, Oscar Pistorius, is whether or not he should be allowed to RUN in the Olympics. He not only runs but runs like the wind. All issues of the sport aside, I just love that a person who would in other times and places be confined to a chair or crutches or not be able to get around at all can have the hope to not only walk but to take off and run. Man and science can be beautiful.