Things Look Like... Stuff :)

How come pretty things like these aren't available right around the corner? Well you can get them from Minale-Maeda :) Maybe ask for a fresh ham n' cheese tablecloth though...

(l)"Plastic silverware cutlery set. Adding value to modern disposable cutlery by a reference to table culture."
(r)"Slices of bread, ham and cheese sewed into tablecloth. Cross over of food and clothing. Sewing is a technique of clothing translated into food."

"Lace tablecloth ceramic transfer and laser engraving on simple dishes and cutlery. Adding value through a reference to food culture."

"Delfts porcelain pattern toasted on sandwich. Fast food has no dish. Food can carry the dish instead of eating without dish"

"Place mat, plate, knife and fork decorated by connecting lace pattern marking proper setting. Silk-screening, ceramic transfer and engraving."

"Simple furniture upholstered by silk brocade."

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