Smileclops @^)

This is also half a hint.. :)

This is a half-a-hint at the doll I am making for my once a year doll "vacation" that keeps the sculpting part of my brain happy until next year.. I am not doing my usual class tho. Seemed logical that I would do the advanced class this year. Except when it hits you that this means you must arrive with basic doll in hand it no longer makes sense really. I have no space that doesn't have a cat or a bird nearby or at least a floating feather or piece of fur fluff, said small space also is under constant danger of cat incursion looking for a window sill and super-sculpy is soooo soft a paw could ruin a delicate face you spent hours on.. I have a toaster oven for this that pretty much makes it like working over a small open flame- it decides to somewhat arrive at the temperature I need every now and then.. so why am I doing this? I looovveee it. I will prevail, a dolly will emerge and all will be happy in my sculptor brain corner for a little while.. :)

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