Animals Look Like Happy People

Happiest Dog in the Universe!
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Do you know a happy animal? Take some pictures!

From Anna Dove of the New York Bird Club

Dr. Jonathan Balcombe is writing a pictorial book to be published around late 2009 by the University of California Press.

This volume will feature high-quality photo images of animals in pleasurable contexts: Play, Food, Touch, Love, Comfort, Companionship, Euphoria, etc. The book will be a celebration of the rich experience of animals (both wild and domesticated). And following on the message of his book Pleasurable Kingdom, readers will see that their lives, like ours, are worth living.

For more information on Dr. Balcombe's work or Pleasurable Kingdom, please see the websites below.

If you have or plan to take any animal photos that you think might be suitable for this project, please contact:

Jonathan Balcombe
202-686-2210 x331

"What's a Book?"

She's so cute!!
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