I'm a Lubber, Not a Fighter

"While print designer Mary Katrantzou's Fall 2009 collection may have been inspired by vintage perfume bottles, I couldn't help but notice it's similarities to the Lubber Grasshopper, the most distinctive grasshopper species in the southeastern United States." Click picture for the complete post and photos.

When I first saw this beautiful post on Trend de la Creme, I thought the inspiration was insectile too. Bugs, though we stomp them, are gorgeous little machines.
Now if I could have only typed this post in the Insectile Font, it would have been truly buggy.

"Insectile" by P22 Type Foundry
"Insectile's font, Infestia, made up of actual scanned and rearranged insect parts."

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Helena said...

oooo that's a creepy font!!!