Alex in Wonderland 4

Part One, Part Two, Part Three...

After falling through a pleasant sky, Alex landed..

soft, safe, too safe.. it wasn't any fun at all.
"A frown?" a Butterfly spoke surprised.
"Why?" she asked, "Is everyone here perfectly happy?"

The Butterfly sighed and landed on a golden pear,
"Take it, you'll be happy you did, it makes you be what you want to be, and works in case you ever find you aren't what you are."
"But I already am what I am.."
she exclaimed.
He fluttered off without a sound.
She put the pear in her pocket.... just in case.

She looked around the strange place. "What lovely leaves!"

"Shhhh.. Yes we love pretty leaves!" a lady there whispered.

Alex reached down- "..here are more!"
"Oh no.. only the perfect ones, none that are flawed or different in any way.." the lady shh'd and whispered.
"But that's what makes them special, unique!" Alex wanted to leave, she was being shushed constantly and there was something perplexing about the place.
She inquired as to the location of a hole.
"She would know," the lady gestured to the sleeping form...

"but you can't wake her. We believe our lives are her dreams, so we don't want to risk disappearing."
"You would rather be the dream of another than risk lives of your own?"
Now the perplexing thing was clear.
"Of course its safer that way," the lady whispered, "she dreams and our lives are perfect, flawless..."

Alex had to find her own hole out of there, but how..? Then she remembered the butterfly and the pear.
If I believe I am the kind of girl to make her own way out without any help at all...
She took a bite and wished to be that girl... and it worked.

A hole opened. It was a quiet perfect unwonderful wonderland and she couldn't wait to leave. Alex dove in.

Her life was flawed, full of holes (of course!) but she loved the mystery, the twists and turns.. except.. some twists were stranger than others..


Poojo C. said...

I love your Alex in Wonderland series. Keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

Your site has inspired me.

I'm unafraid