Coming to Life 10

A corny, I mean a cheesy one.. okay it's just fun! :)
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Akinoluna said...

Cheese! Who takes a photo of a bowl of cheese? Ha! Yummy!

karoline said...

again..such wonderful compilations..


Poojo C. said...

Heehee... Wasn't expecting the cheese to turn into ducklings.. but it seems like the perfect ending. :D

Happy LOL Day said...

Cheesy ducks :)

Oh it's part of what I love about Flickr is seeing what people will take pix of and it's wonderful all the places you can find beauty. We are so programmed to look in what is framed or what is told to us is "beauty" but yeah, a bowl of delish cheese has a beauty not just in memories of how good it tastes and how happy that makes you but in its shapes and forms. a comforting fun kind of beauty :)