Inner Art, DNA for your Walls

The artwork is made of up DNA symbols from animal and plant genes Photo: GB / Barcroft Media
Inner Beauty, deep inside- did you ever think DNA could be beautiful- besides your outer shell and all those organic gadgets that make up your mind's home. Now its patterns have been turned into art that can decorate your four-walls home.

German creator Daniel Becker, explains "DNA art interprets the complex information of DNA with the help of symbols and colours," says the 29-year-old from Frankfurt.
"The result is a individual graphic pattern for any creature or plant.
"But for the naked eye it is not easily possible to see the difference between a human and a shark, because the information is too complex.

"I was very interested in finding a way showing this grid of confusing Gs, As Ts and Cs in a graphical way."
The result was Daniel's DNA art - and he is now finding they have become increasingly popular worldwide.
Costing just five Euros, Daniel saves the patterns into PDF format ready to be printed onto a canvass of the buyers choice.
"I am finding that people are buying a PDF of their favourite animal or plant and printing them out for their homes and offices," he says.

"Younger people are interested in the more dangerous animals and plants - for example the Great White Shark patterns are very popular with men.
"But I also find that the patterns of mice, elephants and koalas are popular amongst women.
"In general the more "strange" the subject like wild mushrooms or dangerous creatures are more popular."
And Daniel is hoping that in years to come, people will be able to use their own DNA to make their own art.

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