One Day Free Pass to FaerieCon for my Readers!

Thank you to everyone who comes by to read. If even one person found it fun I would blog my "brain candy". Someone called it that (I loved that). I can offer to those of you in the Philly area or those that can make it, a free one day pass to a beautiful event. Alan Lee is the guest of honor but when you see the line-up you'll see there are so many wonderful artists and writers and performers there you'll have have a hard time choosing who would be your pick for guest of honor. Email me with your mailing address and I'll send you one or two One Day passes free for as long as they last!

Click the photo to go to the Faerie Con Website

Here is a hint at how amazing this event will be.. Alan Lee who created the world of the gorgeous "Lord Of The Rings" films, co-authored a book that created an entire genre of art called "Faeries". And his co-author Brian Froud will be there too. Brian also created with Jim Henson the pioneering film "The Dark Crystal" that also changed the way films created special effects, my friend and amazing artist Wendy Froud also worked on that film and created Yoda for the "Star Wars" series- all of these folks will be there. Do I need to continue? Please come and enjoy this stunning event.

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