Alex in Wonderland 6


In court the proof was interesting to say the least. They kept calling her "Alice". This Alice person sounded very naughty.

There appeared to be "Alice" clones wreaking havoc wracking up multiple crimes in Wonderland.

The Caterpillar claimed Alice took all his shrinking sides of the mushroom so she could gobble everybody up! But he was looking suspiciously well-fed..

And a last shocking photo made Alex exclaim "You aren't even in the right story that's Goldilocks stuffing her face with porridge!" Of course the courtroom exploded in mayhem.

Alex took the opportunity to slip out where she found the White Rabbit having tea. The trial had dragged on so long she was quite grown up now.
"Oh hello" she said pleasantly, "You are still here?"

"Of course!" Alex exclaimed, "I was in jail! On trial!"
"Oh you could have left at any time, they are nothing but a pack of cards.."
Alex turned to look back and..

...the Rabbit was right.
A hole began to form at her feet.

"I suppose you're off again then, where will you go?"
Alex smiled "I guess I'll find out when I get there!"

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