Kitty Travels with Sugar

I love people like this. I wish I could travel the world over with my zoo in tow! I have flown several times from NY to WA with a dog and a cat. And our most humorous trip driving to Atlanta from NYC with a dog a cat and pigeon :). Drove to Quebec with a kitty and numerous trips around by with two dogs and sometimes a cat.. so I guess I am kinda like them LOL! I have just not driven over multiple countries, but the distances we have covered in North America probably have equaled those distances. I love pet lovin' people! Sugar is such a pretty kitty I love this first picture of her, very TLLT! :)

Pampered puss on luxury hol
MOG-mad Tracy Woods couldn’t bear to be without her beloved cat Sugar so she took her on a walking holiday – to Norway.
Tracy, 40, spent 37,000 on a motor home to drive the pampered Norwegian Forest cat to her country of origin.
Tracy also sorted out a pet passport for Sugar and had her micro-chipped and vaccinated for rabies before driving 3,700 miles through six countries with the cat sat beside her.

She said: "We went to buy a motor home for pound16,000 but ended up paying pound37,000 for one because it had a section at the back that was ideal for Sugar."
Tracy and Colin, from Sherburn In Elmet, Durham, closed off a section at the rear of the 22ft-long vehicle for Sugar to sleep in and made her up a bed and put in a scratching post and litter tray.
When they arrived in Norway, Tracy put Sugar on a long lead so they could take in scenic walks alongside fjords, through pine forests and along a snow-capped mountain.

Tracy, whose husband Colin also went on the trip, said: "I love Sugar to bits and didn’t want to leave her behind"
Tracy and Colin have two grown-up children and run a car body repair business together. via

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