Things Look Like Beautiful Things at 100% Design London

Here are some of the beautiful things you'll see at 100% Design London The Contemporary Interior Design Exhibition in London Sept 18-21
Nature and Food forms become more than scenery and dinner.

Spaghetti Chandelier by Zinoo Park
"Spaghetti Chandelier is a random decoration pendant light.
It is decorated with red-colored electric wire on white powder coated metal wire frame.
The highlight of it is the ‘orange chord’, which is widely used as an industrial material. He tried to transform the industrial material into the design of domestic furnitures and products. ‘The special socket’ is another design concept he tried to introduce though this project. It has a hook that enables the lighting to be hung to the wire structures in anyway the consumer may please with." Check out more from this design group here

LEAF swing
Leaf swing is a suspended seat for adults. Inspired by the falling of the leaves in autumn, Swing should be placed in outdoor spaces where the sunset glints through its leaf holes, creating sweet shadows. This slow rocking movement will remind you of the peace and tranquillity of a child hearing a lullaby. A time to relax at the end of the day… Check out more from this design group here

Nonna Pepa carpet
Nonna Pepa is a handmade carpet composed by pure wool flowers sewed on a felt base.

It exists in its multicolored, black/grey mélange, black or white versions, rectangular or circular.
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Cheese is a new and fun concept. Contemporary and colourful, this can act as a statement piece in any modern home.
Category, Bathrooms, Radiators
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