Oscar is "Mr June" in NY Pet-i-Care's 2012 Calendar

The 2012 NY Pet-i-Care calendar is out and check out the cute Junebug Oscar. Contact NY Pet-i-Care for one or more! All proceeds go to help the animals they rescue just like Oscar, "Mr June"!
What is this cute thing?
OMD it's me!
Buy this fine product! Oscar Approved


A Day In The Life Of A Handicapped Dog

A little film I did about Oscar :)

Hope you are having a Happy Holiday Season!


My Favorite Movie Moms

Or "moms" :) Thank you to the good moms out there :)

Peg Boggs, Edward Scissorhands

Mrs Miller, Almost Famous

Ripley and Newt, Aliens

Auntie Mame

Mr Mom

Mrs Jumbo, Dumbo's Mom


The Finished Urban Quilt

Finished Urban Quilt
Originally uploaded by C Merry.

Click here for a cool post on my Urban Quilt project :)



Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine Sunrise, originally uploaded by C Merry.

Faded to Blue

Then Pink

Then lit up like Fire

Happy Valentine's Day from the skies of New York City


Seagull Cloudgull

Seagull Cloudgull
Originally uploaded by happylolday.

Nature gave me a wonderful photo gift today :)


May All Your Plans Come True

Dreams too :) Happy New Year!





From the archive originally posted here :)


Our First Snow :)

All is well but quite a night, a fire broke out at our building. I posted all my pictures and video on this blog LES NYC Window- which I meant to post about here as a new photo blog for my NYC pix. Sorry the first post is about a fire but again, we were told no one was hurt and the fire dept here was truly fast and amazing.

A nice thing about today and tonight is that it's our first snow here in the new place! It's beautiful! :)
The first flurries earlier in the eve:

First Snow!
Originally uploaded by happylolday


Goodnight Rainbows

The Rainbows came to visit and then they said goodnight :)
Goodnight pretty LES Rainbows I hope to see you again sometime!

The LES Double Rainbows 10.27
Then I watched them disappear..

Goodnight Rainbows from cmerry on Vimeo.


What Buildings do for Fun ;)

IAC on a Lark
They drift here and there visiting friends..

Inspired by a fun post on CurbedNY


NYC Subway Mosaic Art

It's one of the few things that can probably get a busy NYC commuter to slow down for a second, the mosaic art underground. Look around next time you are running for a train, it might be worth catching the next one just to look at these up close. I saw these last night. Truly beautiful.

Originally uploaded by happylolday.

About them: There are 2 large wall sized pieces of artwork, one on each wall where the staircase exits and transfers are, and the artist for both glass mosaics is Ming Fay (2004). The Downtown side is titled "Shad Crossing" and details two giant shad fish "swimming", along with another wall mosaic of blue waters. In the late 19th century, these shad were found along the Hudson River when new immigrants came to New York, most of them settled on the Lower East side. The new staircase to the relocated F/T booth also has another painting of a shad wrapped around the bottom of the stairs. The Uptown side is titled "Delancey Orchard"; it has a cherry orchard tree mosaic, which symbolized the tree owned by the Delancey family in the 18th century. Along all staircases leading from the F line platforms to either fare control are miniature versions of these paintings (edit: They say "paintings" but they are large mosaics made to look like paintings :))
From Station Reporter
Check out this site for more beautiful mosaic works of art in NYC Subways :)


I am Art of Day's Featured Artist Today! :)

THANK YOU "Art of Day" for making me today's featured artist! Click the box below to go to their beautiful site it's an honor being included.

Flora Maiden


One Day On Earth 10/10/10 Lower East Side NYC

One Day On Earth, 10/10/10 Lower East Side from cmerry on Vimeo.

This is my video I made for the One Day On Earth event, 10/10/10, on the Lower East Side, the part I live in so its really a day in my corner of Earth. I look forward to seeing all the videos as they come in since it was posted people were filming in every country on our planet yesterday. If they didn't have cameras they were sent to them and will be collected over the next 30 days. I know the lives of people are so different and I hope to see the good the bad, happy and sad- the real lives we live here on our blue marble. It will increase our understanding of our fellow humans, be aware of the happy stories and the stories that need help to find happiness. All of us live here, we need to know what the lives of others are like, this planet we share isn't really that big.
Hope you had a great 10/10/10 :)


From the Archives, A Fairy Tale (CTL)

Pied Piper

He appeared from out of the blue..

..and led..

..them all..


More Coming To Life

Originally posted 1/18/08


Mechanical Trees

A poem I wrote after 9/11


Back from the Dream, From the Archives

For Indie, who took the last picture and inspires so many
Originally posted 9/28/07

Journey of the Pyramid, From the Archives

A story just for TLLT

Growing and Leaving

Tests of Mental and Physical Strength

Who Remains



The Chosen One

Originally posted 6/16/07


Farm Girl's Lament

"Farm Girl's Lament"
A sci-fi short story


Just Breathe...

What made me think of lungs in the first place... :)