Film Looks Like Fact, Pixar's Up and Edith Macefield

The new animated Pixar film "Up" (opening Friday) starts as an echo of a real lady's life in Ballard Washington. Edith Macefield held her ground while her neighborhood was torn down and giant buildings went up around her. She even refused one million dollars to move and opted to live the rest of her life in her own home. The gentrifying construction was forced to leave her patch of old school neighborhood paradise intact.

Disney and Pixar honored her spirit and acknowledged her story's tie to the film.

The realities of high wind, concrete walls and balloon poppage kept the real life version from looking as dramatic as the film, but it was a nice thought. "Up" sounds like a fun new adventure, Edith would probably approve.

This story also reminds me of another character that refused to budge in the face of "progress"...


Cool Caravan!

Wow this is such a great caravan, or as some call it, a trailer home. This creation by Mehrzeller is not just cool for a trailer home but cool for any home! Beautiful design and full of modern comforts, I would go anywhere in this.

Hey then park it by a pool with this:

And when you are forced to head back to work after your long weekend, maybe you'll get a job here?

..okay getting carried away! :)

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Flying Robo-Penguins and Other Wonders

We just can't get to that day the Robot Overlords take over fast enough can we?

Well at least they will be pretty and fun to watch!

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I'm a Lubber, Not a Fighter

"While print designer Mary Katrantzou's Fall 2009 collection may have been inspired by vintage perfume bottles, I couldn't help but notice it's similarities to the Lubber Grasshopper, the most distinctive grasshopper species in the southeastern United States." Click picture for the complete post and photos.

When I first saw this beautiful post on Trend de la Creme, I thought the inspiration was insectile too. Bugs, though we stomp them, are gorgeous little machines.
Now if I could have only typed this post in the Insectile Font, it would have been truly buggy.

"Insectile" by P22 Type Foundry
"Insectile's font, Infestia, made up of actual scanned and rearranged insect parts."


Keys of Life

Kiwi Looks Like Kiwi

The Kiwi is the National Bird of New Zealand, even the people who live there are affectionately called "Kiwis".
One man's love of the bird extends even to fruit. Yes there is a Kiwi fruit that sort of looks like a Kiwi:

Kiwi Fruit from the groves of New Zealand
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But this fruit found in Shavon Green's backyard in Auckland really nailed the look. Christchurch businessman Mike Pero paid $1000 for it at auction, conditional on a $500 donation to The Child Cancer Foundation. Everyone was happy. He got his Kiwi, she got much more than the going rate for the fruit, and a worthy charity got a nice donation.

All for the love of a Kiwi!

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