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An Epic Holiday Tale :)

Happily Ever Over
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"Happily Ever Over"
A history of the "truth" behind the fairytales.. :)

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Happily Ever Over is an epic tale that explains a lot of what you you never understood about holidays. An economic crisis among the magical creatures leads to crime and adventure, involving the Pied Piper who lives in his extermination van after his wife left him, an investigator who loves a mysterious ghost, and Santa Claus as you’ve never seen him -a time-traveling, whip-cracking descendant of grizzly bears! It’s a long story, but one you’ll never forget. Written and illustrated by C Merry, first published in 2003 as a gift to her friends.

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Happily Ever Over is an amazing holiday epic. Subtitled "How Santa Saved The World Then Lost It All", the story is billed as a never before recalled history of something no one remembers anymore. I'm a big fan of fairy tales, mythology, and Christmas. This story winds them all together with a sense of whimsy.
Written and illustrated by CMerry during a period of illness, the story has only previously been published in hand-made collages, as gifts for friends. The illustrations are marvelous. Let's be grateful that CMerry has shared this lovely story with us, and look for a book deal, I'm sure.

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Dear Angel, were you on the Moon?
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AH-MAZE-ING Wingsuit Base Jump.. omg

Just watching this video alone may take your breath away. Try to keep your eyes on her, the scale and speed, truly amazing! Found on Wired!