Stir the Water

Stir the Water

This pool goes up...

This pool goes down...


A Goddess of Mist

"Watch the skies..."

"...I can make it rain..."



Your Sun

I'm sorry your Sun melted.

(I'll make you a new one.)


Warm Fresh Moth

Combine ingredients

Bake until golden

Slice warm and let flutter away

Try another.

Four Leaf Clover's Pool of Souls

What do dreams mean?

"What does it mean..."

"when I rise from the earth and roar..."

"when I drift through silent skies..."

"What does it mean,
when I sprout wings, and fly?"

Musing on Millipedes

Millipede coils drop to the ground from the Millipedian Trees and gradually change to a lovely dark chocolate with cherries color and unfurl into the handsome creatures that they are..

"Well not really.. the handsome part is true though!"