Things Look Like Games! A Life-sized Candyland

Yesterday an entire street turned into a real life Candyland! Lombard Street (you know that famous twisty turny one in San Francisco) got turned into a life sized version of the famous kid's boardgame.

To celebrate Candy Land's 60th anniversary, 575 feet of switchbacks in the Russian Hill neighborhood were transformed into a life-size version of the board game.

Kids from the UC San Francisco Children's Hospital and Friends of the Children competed in a round of Candy Land, which makes my girlhood fantasyland, FAO Schwarz, look like child's play.

Click here for all the info and a picture of the cute cake the kids got at the end of the game :)

on our way to Kandy Kastle
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Lombard Street in San Francisco is turned into Candyland
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PS! Yes I am still here but ugh summer heat is making me melt in NYC :) What free-time I did have is being hogged up by my art project. I am making great progress, it's been getting it's time here and there btw "life" and all it's goodies but when it's done it will be worth it and yes I will share all. I do update Happy LOL Day on a semi regular basis. I am not gone I just need to get this stuff finished. I will also be getting ready to do FaerieCon again so it will be busy. So I hope you are having a nice summer (or winter if you are on the other end of our little floating rock in space :) ) and hopefully getting in some vacation time. I will be back! :)