Optical Girl Illusion

Optical Girl Illusion
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This was a great collage created by accident by a shop window having torn images stuck on the window from a past magazine, and a new magazine placed behind it. I first thought it was a magazine with great art on it's cover but it was this great temporary illusion. Had to capture this ghostly girl. :)


We'll Miss Your Smiling Faces

I don't mind the rain, but today in NYC the rain is as drear as it gets. Made me want to see some pretty faces. Goodbye happy flowers we'll see you on the other side when the Sun comes back close enough to keep you warm! :)


OT Spooky and Starry Eyed

Now on the Ember Heart Web :)
Newly added: My new ghostly holiday blend Spooky. Spooky made its debut at FaerieCon and is now available on the Ember Heart website here:

Click the photo for my new blend Spooky!

Also Starry Eyed now available to everyone, the special incense blend made for Kat Von D:

Click the photo for Starry Eyed


My FaerieCon 2008 table

FaerieCon 2008 table
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Still trying to get all my things sorted and back on to other things waiting for attention.. but here is a small pic of my table from FaerieCon. The complete result of what I spent so long working on -stock (close to 7000 individual sticks of incense hand created! Yes ouch! LOL), hand packed, labels printed cut and packages labeled and stapled, display pieces, textile covers, necklaces strung and hung (I made the necklace display from found objects), all the "things" you need for this bags, sales book, tissue paper, basically a small traveling shop single handed created in and on my art table with cats lurking about :) ! It was immense and intense and looks so behaved and together there in the photo.. I suppose that means you succeeded if it looks like it took no effort :) Click the pic for more rambling if curious. Something quite dramatic happened to my table, but calmness reigned shortly after.. :)
Ember Heart

Hope you are having a great week!!!!



miko and toru + monkey makes 3
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And it's still crazy around here. Boxes and bags to be unpacked, sleep to be caught up on.. it took me the same amount of time to get through the Holland Tunnel last night as it took me to get to Philly! LOL It was an adventure. Hope everybody had a great weekend and those who had Monkey Monday off, hope it was fun!


I'll be back!

Car driver
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The Ol' TLLT will be back on Monday once I get back from my vending adventure. Off into the wilds for me tomorrow and the weekend I'll post pix when I get back. Have a great weekend!!