Coming to life 5


Haiku 6

The Earth inspires.
Her children's minds spark into
Flames of creativity


Muse-ical Landscapery

Muse-ical Landscapery

We float alone in a sea of space and here on our little stone there are similarities in the most diverse things, some hidden some not. Is it all a part of one big portfolio from one great mind who wanted to create a world, nay a so-called paradise that went wrong but still clings to some of its beauty? A massive landscape or in another eye a simple piece of bread, the same mind apparent.. alas will we.. HEY!!!!

You brat give me back my landscape! See now you are certainly not being very paradise-like I'm trying to be all deep here- give me back my muse! The Nerve! sheesh!

Eeek a Shark!

Eeek a Shark! LOL

Oooggaa boogaa I am soo scared! :)

"Amusing.. come here and show me those pictures, in person"
Uh oh... :(


Haiku 5

A bird with no wings
I soar to the same sun in
another blue sky

Where are you? What door what floor..


Please remember to add your link to "Places To Wander" . You can also leave a little bio if you like or other places you have found that you love.
I cannot express what your supportive words and thoughts mean, it's a real treat to know that somehow in all this craziness of the world you can still find in this way, very special talented thoughtful people and feel connected even if its just a computer screen. Thank you for your kindness, words and art.

How I Imagine It

How I imagine Summer looks...

...trees have things on them that flutter and smell nice...

...the ground is warm and does not melt.

How I imagine Winter looks... hmmm

...the ground is crunchy, everything one pretty color...

...and people are warmly dressed in faux furs, gloves, hats.. I think it's like that!


Magical Tinkerings

I have had an extraordinarily busy few days. All good.. but time flies. I am not going to just slap anything together to fill spaces.. but it was a fun thing that occurred just now. I was browsing recently uploaded Faerieworlds pictures on Flickr- something I wish had taken my time up this weekend, (one day), when I noticed something in one photographer's set.. A TLLT story occurring and I am not sure they even knew it did. All from one person's pictures. Click and check out all of the Faerieworlds fun too maybe we can rent a jet or a big butterfly and go next year. :)

"I'm bored, I think I'll have some fun..."

"You there! Girl! Now!"




Haiku 4

I have tried to fly
it was not a success but..
it's still fun to dream

Cupcake Race!

We haven't had cupcakes in way too long! I know where we can get some... follow me..(it's much bigger inside!)

It's simple, just down the stairs and at the end of the hall and through the blue doors.. I'll race you! :) Ready... go!!!

Yum! Hey don't take them all you better share!! :)


Drift Envy

Looking up, she suddenly thought..

..why should clouds have all the fun?

Haiku 3

If I were to be
a machine, would I dream that
I was soft and green?


Crystal Seas

Alex in Wonderland

She was minding her own business one evening when she slipped..

..and fell down a rabbit hole.

"This is like something I've read before.."

She walked up to the mushroom..

...and the Caterpillar behind the desk showed her to a nice room.

"Oh wait!" She suddenly remembered the book.
"But my name is Alex, not Alice."
"Oh?" the Caterpillar said, "Then you fell down the wrong hole."

A new hole opened behind her
and she felt herself being sucked in.
"Now what?" she sighed.

Part Two