Have Fun and Happy New Year

Celebrate the New Year!
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It's already 2009 in some parts of the world! Have a great New Year and may all your wishes and dreams come true!

Happy New Year!


When in San Diego, EAT HERE :) :)

Pierre's Place
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Pierre's Place 2
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Eat! :) Bring joy to worthwhile people

A classmate of mine is the director of an amazing program for homeless teens in San Diego. It gives them an education, self esteem and job skills, along with an appreciation for music and the arts.

Pierre's Place is a gorgeous cozy place with great food that will help raise money for them and also teach admin skills for running a business. So you know you love to eat great food- go here whenever you are in San Diego.

Make your tummy happy and help fund the future of homeless teens who just want to be a part of the world and live good lives and get a great education.


Love a sprout? Not everybody does, read of the plight HERE of unwanted sprouts and other assorted objects... :)


That Santy Look

So yesterday a guy was seen flying about in a sleigh and some creatures have adopted the look. It's a new fashion trend! :)

"I'm naturally Santy looking!"

"Me too, well mostly :)"

"I wanna try!"

The Santy Look, you're doing it wrong.. but you still look cute!


Animals Look Like Happy People

Happiest Dog in the Universe!
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Do you know a happy animal? Take some pictures!

From Anna Dove of the New York Bird Club

Dr. Jonathan Balcombe is writing a pictorial book to be published around late 2009 by the University of California Press.

This volume will feature high-quality photo images of animals in pleasurable contexts: Play, Food, Touch, Love, Comfort, Companionship, Euphoria, etc. The book will be a celebration of the rich experience of animals (both wild and domesticated). And following on the message of his book Pleasurable Kingdom, readers will see that their lives, like ours, are worth living.

For more information on Dr. Balcombe's work or Pleasurable Kingdom, please see the websites below.

If you have or plan to take any animal photos that you think might be suitable for this project, please contact:

Jonathan Balcombe
202-686-2210 x331

"What's a Book?"

She's so cute!!
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Alix and Child
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The first ghost story I wrote.. Alix
Anytime is a good time for a ghost story :)


Fire Maiden

Please come read story I just posted called "Fire Maiden"
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Fire Maiden


Banana Slug



Banana Slug!


I love you Blue

Happy Birthday Shyla!
Hope you get lots of nice tweetz! :)


Just a Wee Splash

"Okay that went everywhere..."

"No kiddin'!"

"Well glad nothing got on me thank goodness! :)"