Been a wee bit slow, I used to make thousands of posts a day.. okay not thousands maybe hundreds :) I am starting my own company and have been working torward a moment that is soon to happen, when I can open my virtual doors.. so I have been doing with that. Plus been doing some fun stuff behind the scenes for a doll company I love. I just need to get all that going and all will be back to normal, as normal as it ever was!
OH I have a class coming up so there MIGHT be a couple day period where it gets verrry slow but then there will be fun pix of that to show off afterward! :)


A Birthday Dream...

I don't know about this..

I had a dream the cake came to life and was scary!

Then a rainbow Saved the day!

But..I think I will stick to tofu just to be safe. :)

One Year Old Today can you believe it? Time flies.. :)



Monday April 28 Happy LOL Day's One Year Birthday

Happy Birthday soon to Happy LOL Day (That's TLLT's "mom" to you guys :) )
April 28 is Happy LOL Day! :)

Feels like just the day before yesterday when I started this and it's just been wonderful. I just want to say THANK YOU. I would also like to throw a huge party for you so if anyone has a daisy filled field or a crazy spooky haunted mansion where we could eat cupcakes together...? ;)

"Happy B-day Happy LOL Day!"

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Lily is Mother of the Year :)

Come read about Lily the kind shelter dog and her Pittens :)
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