Furry Flair

"Some of us know how to rock that furry stripey look.. observe!"

"I like the look kitty!"

"Oh please darlings you don't need fur to have stripey flair! :)"

Others share hair too! :)


My Balloon World

"Come visit me.."

"..on my little island."

"I have a pretty garden.."

"...fun neighbors.."

"..even their pets are friendly!"

"And the sunsets.. are amazing!

"Sounds like paradise! I'll be right over :)"

For the inspiring Citlali who showed me the amazing sunset picture too :)


Sleepy Babies

Not a TLLT but a SbLLSb (Sleepybabies Look Like Sleepybabies)


Looking Up

Making a White Hat

Got the supplies..

Hard at work...

Minor set-back! Wake-up pup.
Okay maybe a few more minutes shhhh :)

Back at work..

Final touches..stand back and observe...

Happy customer!


Do you Love Pigeons? :)

If you love Pigeons
please come
read this :)

Where are the Creatures?

I see nothing! ;)