Sweater Day for Mr Rogers March 20th!

March 20th is Sweater Day to honor Mr Rogers on what would have been his 80th Birthday.

Check out this cute video for more info and hope you will be my neighbor? :) (Sorry about the typo b4!)

"March 20th is Sweater Day to honor the achievements and incredible effect on ourselves and our kids of Mister Rogers.
Please go find your inner child, inform your own kids or grandkids regardless of age and dig out a sweater to honor Mister Rogers.
The quiet demenanor, educational programming that was so subtle you didn't even know you were learning a lesson are a treasured memory. Please remember to honor Mister Rogers by wearing your most favorite,comfortable sweater on March 20th.
Thanks Julian!

Wear your Sweater! :)

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Emma said...

Mr. Rogers was a great person!