Hello! So where have you been?

Computer Monkeys
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Yeah where have all of you been? Oh wait it was ME that was/is/still gone.. :) My laptop croaked.. Thanks to wonderful Rick a new one is on it's way and I will be back up and running as soon as it gets here from the magical land of ebay.. Stringing two pieces of cardboard together and drawing keyboard squares on one and saying "If you can dream it you can be it!" won't work in this case.. not that I tried.. (maybe I needed to say "A'la Peanut Butter Sandwiches!" afterward..?) I am able to use my Flintstones era behemoth for simple stuff and sneak onto this one when no one is looking :) I can't really spend the quality time needed to do whatever it is I do, well, so I am just going to pretend to be patient and wait for the buzzer to announce the arrival of my new computer BFF. Shouldn't be that long.

In the meantime my new lil' company is online, that was also taking up time and still has a couple of things left to do but it is there up and running I will do a more offical sounding email about it soon. It's already had some wonderful things happen so it's been great I wish I could have a website warming party and invite you.

Ember Heart

So you have a Happy Monkey Monday!! I will be back soon shinier than ever :)

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ancient one said...

Hope the new computer comes quickly... and the new business goes well..