Do Buildings Frown?

Do you remember the exciting discovery we had earlier: "Can a House Smile?" It's inspired another question...

Question on the street.. "I have heard sometimes buildings have sad faces, is this true?" Let's see!

"I have to say sometimes I feel a lil' down"

"Yes we've discussed the issue and you may look sad, just as long as you aren't scary.. then its okay."

"MMmmm you look delish!"

"Hehehe now I'm hungry!"

"You see thats the kind of behaviour I don't approve of.."

"I agree.. no reason we can't be sad and cute at the same time!"

"I think you have your answer!"

Thanks for the question and have a :) day!

1 comment:

Elbot said...

Amazing, the expressions shown by inanimate, non-electronic constructions.