We Share Hair

We kick off a Spooky Saturday with a visit to a special club, some of whose members are quite spooky but mainly gorgeous, as you can see, but if you can't, they'll be happy to tell you!

"I am sure my other friends in the White Fluffy 'Do Society will agree.. we are gorgeous darlink!"

"Yes its an elegant, sophisticated look :) "

"We thought just kids did it but gramps looks rockin' too!"

"Who you callin' gramps there chickies?"

"Flappflapfllaapflup" (Yes in all modesty I am an ethereal beauty!)

"fleeip!" (I pretty!)

"gLOooPbLUop" ( Hmm maybe "ocean" for my beauty is without fault, or this water has salt?? )

No comment (But is it really needed? :) )

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