Marshmellow Industry

Harvesting Marshmellows is a two-fold job.

Some plop down from the sky..

.. and get plucked off branches...

..while others ooze up in the fields to be gathered.

The varieties are then combined and delivered to shipping facilities..

where they are packaged for delivery to area dealers.

Then skilled professionals dive in and personally create those fluffy shapes the world loves.

All that's left for you, is to Enjoy!


مارية said...


مارية said...

Er, that would be "mice". We used to call our pet mice "meeses". hehheh

C Merry said...

I think Mize would be a good word for meeses a plural of mousatude.. :)

MC said...

ooooh! this so nice! I keep enjoying these sequential photos of yours that 'tell a story'...so fresh and different!

Thank you for the smiles!