Red Cakeflower Season

Ahh Fall! The season of colorful leaves, Pumpkins and of course Red Blooming Cakeflowers..

Enjoy a nibble!


cb said...

i love your blog so hard!

do you do mute mondays????? i have pictures, one of which was inspired by YOU!, up for my mute monday selection.

stop by!

(i am not spam, even though this totally sounds like a spam message).

i have to say, the crocodile post kinda freaked me out. crocs and alligators are perhaps my greatest phobia.

love the mushroom-cap cat, though!

sometime, could you post about your method? how do you come up with topics or themes? how do you find your images - do you search "red cakeflower"? or is it just magic?

C Merry said...

I think what I do may or may not work for everybody.. but this is basically what I do that anyone can do to get started- Get another blog started and make it private because it won't really be worth looking at, that will be like an art table where you assemble things.

Then when you find pictures on Flickr that are bloggable (set up the blogging from Flickr function for the extra blog) send those pictures there and assemble them into one message there so that is done when you create a new post to your main blog and all the pix are in one message. I only use "blog this" pictures- the ones where people have made it okay to blog them.

As far as picking pix that is up to you of course and what you want to show. Like with this one I was looking at pix of Petra and found the amazing last one and thought it looked like a massive mushroom. So I went looking for mushrooms but when I saw the mushroom in the tree it gave me the idea of being "Perched" (it also had physical similarities) and when the picture of the cat came up it was perfect because the hat is "perched" on his adorable head and is a mushroom themed hat- so the theme was mushroom-like and also had something perched in the photo, then I knew I had a great TLLT because it has themes within themes.

So as far as finding pictures just look and if you see something you like - look at the picture and see if there is one element you like about it and go from there- and themes come from pretty much just living life - like words will pop up, Golden Drops- OH! nice theme.. so I go looking for things that will match it (Like the TLLT I just posted)

That's really it because there is no exact way of doing it except to choose how you want to link themes and similarities in photos.

I don't do Mute Mondays, I only found it because of you- but I will check it out - I am just lucky I have enough time to do this and other things in life :)

Sorry about the croc scare! I thought they looked maybe like friendlier crocs, the last white fellow seemed to be smiling.. :)