Warm Fresh Moth

Combine ingredients

Bake until golden

Slice warm and let flutter away

Try another.


/// said...

Love your photos/imagination! Keep em coming!

Mrs Mac said...

Oh WOW! This blog is just wonderful! Just how my own imagination works! WOW!

I shall have to keep visiting now....


Unknown said...

I like this blog, the pictures are beautiful, and it reminds me of that comercial for some medication where they show the people, and the show what the personw would look like if they were a food. I'll ba back.

Anyone come visit my blog!


YouthPlay Staff said...

Wow! Your shots just made me want to reach out and put fingerprints all over my screen. Absolutely gorgeous website and oh...what wonderful thoughts you share. Keep up the wonderful work. Challenge the minds of your young people at YouthPlay.