My Wonderful World

"Come close.. why do you look concerned? My world is beautiful.."

"Our homes are stately..yet cozy."

"Our horses that frisk in colorful fields.. beautiful.."

"Our trees that give us shade.. majestic.."

"Our stars.. bright.."

"Our treats..tasty!"

"My world is exactly like yours.. only different."

"Our sunsets.. well, come see for yourself. I hope you will visit again. Good Night."


dp said...

cool cupcakes!

FiKaLo said...

mmm... spiky


Jacy said...

Nice photos!

Demon Llama said...

So Pretty! I love the colours and the way all the images tie together, I am going to reccomend my grandfather look at this one, its the type of thing he likes!

May all your Llamas spit in your face!

(its a traditional Llama-ese way of saying "i like you")