I have a domain

The Gathering
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People's eyes would go all misty by the time I would get to tee-el-el-tee-world-at...
so I have a new domain name that links here:
I think it's nice that it looks like a sentence too. Now it's easy to say,
"The World Around dot U-S, The World Around Us" :) It always gets a smile and that's nice too..


Yellowgiraffe said...

yeah, that is one great domain name!
love your blog... love the way you see things... love the complex simplicity... the simple complexity... it's all good!! shall share your dreamy dreamy blog with my friends. it's always good to see things in a different way... it's always good to be reminded that beauty and possibilities exist in many many different places! well done! keep up the GREAT work!

circadia667 said...

all your connections are amazing and beautiful - right down to the name