Alex in Wonderland 3

Part One, Part Two..

She hadn't seen the green blobby things from above. They looked cozy and soft...

...but were neither as she crashed into one.

They were also much larger in person. The biggest one had a lovely visitor centre with food court and conference rooms available to groups.. but that's not important..

Alex took a moment to freshen up and dislodge twigs and leafy things.

"What are you looking at?" the lizard said, "never seen a green spotted lizard before? It's rude to stare."
Alex had to look around for a bit before she noticed him perched on a sink.
"I had not noticed you until you called attention to yourself so how can I have been rude?"
"You are staring now,"
he said in a smug way, "and you are also late!"
"For what?"
"The party! You better get moving! It's that way!"
He flicked his tiny tail in a general direction.
This might be important, she thought, so I better run! She stumbled forward and somehow arrived...

"Who could possibly have fun in a room like this?"

"Well lots of people!" a smiling greenman said.
"Well I just crawled out of a green leafy thing moments ago, so I am not in the mood for a party in another. I think I am on my way to somewhere.. and keep getting side tracked. Is there a hole nearby?"

He pointed down. "How about that one?"
"It's far too small.."
"Why not stay for some tea? We serve a lovely Green Tea."

Alex looked into the teapot
"There are 'things' in the tea."
"All green tea has green turtles in it!"
"Not where I come from.."
"Where do you come from?"
"Question is where am I going?"

The smiling greenman pointed in another direction.
"Now that is a good hole, but there is always a line.."
"Curiouser and Curiouser!" Alex was on her way again.. maybe it would be the last stop to somewhere, maybe another stop on the way to everywhere..

and it was worth the wait.


MHMD Moeini said...

woow ... very cool

Wendy said...

I just discovered your blog. You're amazing. I put up a link at my site...spreading the word about you.

مارية said...

I don't know how I haven't been reading these yet but I will now big sis!

pilgrimchick said...

Very cool.

Citlali said...

Wow, you really, REALLY outdid yourself this time. Ever tell you how much I like green and DOTS and CIRCLES?? And your wonderfully written story just tops it off... LOVE IT!! = ]