It happens..


It happens, it will happen over time and one day it will all be just a memory. The pictures here click directly to their creator's sites. If the person leaves flickr their picture will disappear too. I wondered what I would do in that case and I decided if I can, I will replace it. It happened in one story and I think the new picture, the very last in the sequence is so beautiful and dare I say even better than it's previous one, that I wanted to make a mention of it, not just pop it in and be done with it. I want to share people's wonderful images. All the images in the story are amazing it's just there is a new one at the end. It fits very well.
The Sea Dreams of the Sky

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Indeterminacy said...

Just to be safe I would always save a copy of the photos you use, if only for reference. I tried a few times to replace photos at my site - it can be done, but I know it's not the original so it never feels right.