To snack, perchance to dream..

To snack, perchance to dream..


Irene Grumman said...

The food theme works, then I see random, full clumpishness, glorious roundness of pie, magnificent curve of rock - I burst out laughing at the peanuts that seemed perched snails, then delicate insect pair, then the intricate, color rich butterfly on elegant blossom, followed by - potato chips? Well, the chips echoed the crescent rolls.

You draw attention things we often take for granted. Best not to try to put it into words. You're tickling my dormant gray cells.

Irene Grumman said...

Oh. Of course. The chips echo the petals. Funny that I reversed the pix.

C Merry said...

Its actually popcorn.. the first one did look more like rolls this one is like cherry blossoms (the first version though gorgeous needed to be removed for a personal reason, otherwise I leave what I pick and what was the initial inspiration).. :) I really don't want to get into explaining "exactly" what I saw because I might take away another person's version of what they see but since I had to alter this one I wanted to explain. Things will not be changed if a so-called better version comes along unless the first picture is removed or lost, the initial pictures that inspired the story are what I want.

I also since I am here explaining anyway.. :) the bug is a single cicada coming out of its shell :)

Unknown said...

i think you might like the work of pes: www.eatpes.com
thanks for the trains of thought. p.

Mommy Taylor said...

i like the similarities between the peanuts and the cicada. as long as i've lived around cicadas, i have YET to see one emerging from its shell!

great blog. keep 'em coming!

B said...

I really like this set of photos. The Department of Horticulture where I go to school had a display of insect photography that they matched with blown glass and pottery, and I think of that when I see this. Art imitates life, does it not?