Nature's Interior Design

Green walls and gold carpet..


Shaun said...

yes, but it looks so much better when Nature gets stuck in the 70's decorating mode.

DeLi said...

i love the colors..very vibrant, very life-like

JaSoN said...

Green Walls and gold carpet...that would definitely be interesting, i think it would have a very lucky feel to it, but thats my opinion. If you are seeking other ideas, you should check out HGTV's Design Star. I know about this because I work with HGTV. It's a reality show that mixes the drama of reality TV with the lives of interior designers. It's awesome, you really gotta see it. Check out http://www.hgtv.com/hgtv/design_star/?xp=DS2_21 to get a glimpse of the show and meet the cast of characters. And be sure to tune in on July 22nd, at 10 PM to catch all the drama!