Muse-ical Landscapery

Muse-ical Landscapery

We float alone in a sea of space and here on our little stone there are similarities in the most diverse things, some hidden some not. Is it all a part of one big portfolio from one great mind who wanted to create a world, nay a so-called paradise that went wrong but still clings to some of its beauty? A massive landscape or in another eye a simple piece of bread, the same mind apparent.. alas will we.. HEY!!!!

You brat give me back my landscape! See now you are certainly not being very paradise-like I'm trying to be all deep here- give me back my muse! The Nerve! sheesh!


Cirrus Spray said...

lol! Loved this post :)
The birds just won't stop messing around :)

Qiscake said...

OMG, your blog is really cool, but kinda weird, so that's how I like it. I still think celebrity gossips are better.


Dana said...

Hilarious! Love the thoughts before the goose/swan? came along, love the surprise of it!

DeLi said...

so well-worded..i hear a tinge of social commentary in here