Ghostly Goes Walking

Ghostly the tree had been alone a long time when a Bird called out..
"I have seen the Giant have you?"

"No," he said, "but I think I will go see this Giant, I have nothing left here."

"Is this the Giant?" Ghostly asked.
"No!" the Bird answered. "The Giant rises up but does not stand tall!"

"Is this the Giant?"
"No. The Giant lies down but does not remain still."

"Ah!" Ghostly knew without being told, "This is the Giant..! It crashes and rumbles but is pleasant to hear."

Suddenly behind him, a lovely voice..
"Is this the Giant?" she asked.
"Did a Bird guide you here?"
"Yes he told me the Giant is One but never alone- what does that mean?"
Ghostly smiled, and she smiled back.

Somewhere far above he heard the Bird laughing.


Vincent L said...

Hi. Thank you for having use one of y picture here. Your blog is a great idea by the way, stories are very beautiful.

Tee/Tracy said...

Very cool, as usual... You've got my brain working different. I'm starting to see "things that look like things" all over :)