Magical Tinkerings

I have had an extraordinarily busy few days. All good.. but time flies. I am not going to just slap anything together to fill spaces.. but it was a fun thing that occurred just now. I was browsing recently uploaded Faerieworlds pictures on Flickr- something I wish had taken my time up this weekend, (one day), when I noticed something in one photographer's set.. A TLLT story occurring and I am not sure they even knew it did. All from one person's pictures. Click and check out all of the Faerieworlds fun too maybe we can rent a jet or a big butterfly and go next year. :)

"I'm bored, I think I'll have some fun..."

"You there! Girl! Now!"




Indeterminacy said...

I suppose you're getting tired of my euphoric comments, so maybe I better not say anything this time.

On the other hand, I can't not say, it was fascinating to visit one single gallery, look at the pictures and try to guess how you do this magic. I looked and saw many great pictures, but no inkling of how to put them together. I think you could look at a beach of sand and put together a diamond. I'm still waiting for God to start commenting here.

Zoozookrazi said...

i agree with you indeterminacy, words that express the beauty (?) are not enough...

toby said...

We're all agreed! Wit and beauty, a rare combination.