Alex in Wonderland 2

Part One is here..

Being flung down holes was so Alice-like her mind was still on the subject when upon arrival in the new land..

...the bounty of white roses gave her an idea.

Maybe just sprinkle them red..

...but things soon changed

A bearer of light and apparent maker of holes appeared and asked her politely to move along, as this was a calmly sedate sort of wonderland and she seemed most mischievous.
"Any chance one of those goes to a nice spa?"

Soon she was plummeting toward a world of holes..

...and then was falling downward in a pleasant sky.
"I never thought I'd say this to myself," she thought, "but I do hope I get wet or else this landing is going to hurt.."


Phe said...

I love this site. :3 It's so beautiful and inspiring.

FiKaLo said...

clever! such a detailed story!

Llama said...

That really was a trip to wonderland!

toby said...

Your picture stories are incredible! You've created a unique niche here.

Indeterminacy said...

I want to dream this tonight!

Acquaintance said...

Beautiful colors, these photos are so vibrant!

Mirror99 said...

hey, may i just simply appreciate this blog and all the pics. " a picture is worth a thousand words " , but i never saw this proven so beautifully. now i can easily give a link as a proof to the above fact.

i have never seen anything like this blog of yours....just simply love it...and being a painter myself..it just touches me..