The Red Menace

It started out innocently enough..

..some people even liked it.

But soon it was everywhere..

and there was nothing anyone could do.

Things looked hopeless..

..until they found out it tasted good.

Now it's an endangered species.


DeLi said...

wow, the intricacy of connection!

Victorya said...

gorgeous, and so true, if something is tasty we overindulge, much as I'm spending so much time going through your blog now ;)

Stan Johns said...

The thread of red leads seamlessly from excited discovery through menacing mastery to indulgent overscrutiny and on to emergency recovery...

All the best,


Weeping Sore said...

what a lovely, twisted tail to celebrate the harvests of autumn. Mmmmmm, Spaghetti..

pilgrimchick said...

That was a really interesting series--although given some photos, I would have passed on the noodles.

Indeterminacy said...

I feel safe now. And hungry.