Alex in Wonderland

She was minding her own business one evening when she slipped..

..and fell down a rabbit hole.

"This is like something I've read before.."

She walked up to the mushroom..

...and the Caterpillar behind the desk showed her to a nice room.

"Oh wait!" She suddenly remembered the book.
"But my name is Alex, not Alice."
"Oh?" the Caterpillar said, "Then you fell down the wrong hole."

A new hole opened behind her
and she felt herself being sucked in.
"Now what?" she sighed.

Part Two


Indeterminacy said...

Excuse me for stating the obvious, but that was brilliant! Also I have an old blog-friend with that site "Alex in Wonderland" - I'll send this to her.

Gomathy S said...

That was a nice one.. came through blogger's blogs of note link..

ioyces said...

like the twist at the end!! lurrve your blog...!! Please keep up the fantastic work!!!